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Finally going to release my first solo record. 

… This song is about Revenge, better believe it.

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I stayed up all night recording this cover song and i never really got it the way i wanted, but i think it’s important that it was recorded live all in one take by my lonesome the way it was, and sounds the way it does.  

With that, take this song with a grain of salt, and just listen to it for it’s honesty.

It’s very far from perfect,  and if you can, take it and use it’s element of modesty.  Do something positive in response.  This song is a long-overdue apology to my sister, Paige.

You’ve got a friend in me, Kiddo, and I love you.

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This was a song I wrote and recorded back in 2010 when I was first working on my solo recordings. It was inspired by a real event where I got in some trouble with the law.  Dusted it off and finished up some things for you to enjoy.  Special thanks to Lenny Lujan on bass and Joey Resly on drums.


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A home recording I did of Metric’s “Help I’m Alive”

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Happy Holidays!